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Published: Aug 22, 2010

Quick Review: Easy Wood Tools Ci1 Easy Rougher, Ci0 Easy Finisher, and Ci4 Easy Detailer

Expensive, but I'm really impressed

Available in multiple sizes, plus the David Marks Professional versions, from

     Ci1 Easy Rougher David Marks Limited Edition(extra-long bubinga handle) $140
     Ci1 Full-size Rougher $124
     Ci2 Mini Rougher $90
     Ci0 Full-size Finisher $130
     Ci3 Mid-Size Finisher $120
     Ci3 Mini Finisher $90
     Ci4 Full-size Detailer $130
     Ci4 Mid-Size Detailer $119
     Ci4 Mini Detailer $90

I've never had any success at turning bowls. Specifically, I just couldn't hollow the bowl out. I would get horrible catches and the gouge would take off, running along the bowl and leaving a long spiral trough in the wood.

I had heard about Easy Wood Tools and their carbide-tipped tools. They didn't seem all that special. But then I got the chance to play with a set at a local store. Within a few minutes, I was conviced enough to plunk down $450 for the David Marks Professional versions of the rougher and finisher, plus the full-size version of the detailer (The Marks edition of the detailer was not available yet).


I decided to start with my old nemeis, bowl hollowing. I had an old bowl blank that I had started playing with last year, where I had only roughed out the outside. I found the initial rough hollowing so easy, I decided to catch the rest on video. Remember, when this video starts, I have a grand total of 10 minutes (at most) of experience on these tools. (The quality of the video's not very good, the camera had trouble focusing on the spinning wood and kept jumping back and forth between my hand, the tool rest, and the wall)

Based on my very limited experience, I highly recommend getting the full-size or Pro series rougher over the smaller versions. The thicker 1/2" bar was easier to control. I personally like the larger finisher and detailer so far, but I can see where having the mid-size or even mini finisher and detailer would be handy for small work. EWT has recently released an Easy Hollower and has sent me a sample to review.

I'm very impressed. And very excited, for the first time I've had success with making a bowl, something I've wanted to do for a long time. A longer, more thorough review will follow soon.

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